You Deserve This

Team Here’s An Adventure

Actor: John Grogan, Owen Barbknecht, David Greenberg

Sound Design: David Greenberg

Director: John Grogan, Owen Barbknecht

Writer: John Grogan, Owen Barbknecht, David Greenberg

Composer: David Greenberg

Producer: John Grogan

Door slams; the PC is breathing heavily. You can hear a panic in their voice. They are afraid and confused

PC: Where am I? (heavy breathing)
Why can’t I see anything? (heavy breathing)
Hello? Wha—What’s going on? (heavy breathing)

There is a long silence. Music begins to play. You can hear the PC breathing heavily. 

PC: This can’t be happening. (heavy breathing)
Where am I? (a slight whimper beings to form)
I can’t – I can’t see anything? (heavy breathing)

You can hear the PC moving their hands around the scene, hitting surfaces trying to find their bearings

PC: Hello? (Yelled; Projected into an echo)
What is going on? Is anyone out there? Hello?!

Mysterious Voice: There’s nothing going on, you’re fine.
(The voice is almost sung, and child like)

PC: Who’s there?! Hello? I know I heard something? Who are you?
(the whimper begins to become more prominent, their voice shaking)
This isn’t happening…

Mysterious Voice: Nothing is happening. You’re fine. 

PC: Hey?! Who are you? I know I can hear you. I just can’t see anything
I can’t see anything…

Mysterious Voice: (laughing) I can see you juuuuust fine. Maybe if you stopped all that crying, you’d be able to see better.

PC: (spoken down towards their feet, their voice cracking) This… This isn’t happening. I’m dreaming. I just—I need to wake up.

Mysterious Voice: You MUST be dreaming. You’re fine. (giggles)

PC: (now more angry) Who’s out there? I demand you tell me who you are and where I am?!

Mysterious Voice: Oh now I must be the bad guy. Why are you shouting at me? Why do you make us do these things to you? You really do deserve this, you know…

PC: (now laughing, breaking) I must be dreaming. I have to be dreaming. None of this –

Mysterious Voice: (sternly) You deserve this.
Intense music plays

PC: What is happening?

Mysterious Voice: You killed all those people.

PC: I didn’t kill anyone!

Mysterious Voice: (singing, chanting) You deserve this. You killed all those people. You deserve this. You killed all those people. You deserve this. You killed all those people. 

The PC begins running through the dark. Breathing begins to grow heavier. Time between each sentence grows. Anguish begins to set in. The chanting fades with distance but is still lightly audible. A door on the opposite end of the room begins to open and the PC is able to get through. Intense running and panting. 

The Door is fully open and the PC is able to get to the other side of the door. A large sigh of relief. 

PC: Hello? Is there anyone in this room? Please help me. 

You can hear the sounds of crashing, splintering wood.

PC: (frustrated, angry) What is happening to me? I didn’t do anything?!

The crashing wood sounds begin to grow louder and closer. In the distance there are echoed screams/cries. The PC is crushed by some of the debris. A cut begins to form on both arms

PC: (screaming in pain) GAH! What the fuck was that!? Get me outta here! I gotta… Help.. Help Me. Please. Someone please help me… Help me.
(the anger turns to sobbing)

Through the sobs, the sound of the crushing wood begins to slow to a full stop. After a few moments of quiet sobbing and pleas, there is full silence.  Rain begins to fall

Mysterious Voice: (disgusted) Well, what do we have here?

PC: (still weeping) Just leave.. Leave me alone

Mysterious Voice: Look at the state of you. Alone. Crying in the rain. 

PC: Haven’t you done enough?

Mysterious Voice: (laughing) Oh we haven’t done nearly enough.. No, not nearly enough.
We’re not finished with you yet.
(lightly singing) You deseeeeeerve thiiiiis

As the MV walks away, the PC is again sobbing on the ground as the raining begins to grow heavier.

Mysterious Voice: (further in the distance, singing loudly) You deserve this

Heavy water noise begins to fill the room

PC: No. No. No. No. No No. (x10, rapidly)

The sound of the room filling with more water continues as the PC begins to show signs of drowning. After an extensive and aggressive struggle, the PC makes it to the surface

Mysterious Voice: Well (chuckles) You made it through. But (laughs more) You’re   still alone. You’re still alone and you have to keep going.
We’re not finished with you yet. 

PC: Is there a happy ending in this? For me? (voice trembles)

Mysterious Voice: (pauses) … No (laughing)

PC: You could have at least lied to me

Mysterious Voice: Now where’s the fun in that?

The MV fades away. PC is sobbing alone. A third person enters the room

Person 3: Hello? Is anyone there? Hellloooooo?

PC: (unsure, shakily) Hello? Who’s there?

Person 3: This can’t be happening. What in the hell is happening?
Where am I? I can’t see anything

Sounds of P3 begin hitting walls and stumbling through the area

PC: (hurried and excitedly) Hello! Over here!

Person 3: Oh thank God! (the sound of movement stops)
          I can’t see – can you follow the sound of my voice?

PC: I think (wincing in pain)
I think I can see you

Person 3: I hear you. I know you’re close!

PC: Do you know where we are? (wincing in pain)
Do you know what’s happening?

Person 3: I don’t know. I can’t see anything.
You’re the first person I’ve seen in… I don’t know how long.

There is a long silence.

PC: I think – I think I see a door, come on! Maybe we can get out of here!
Hey come on! Why’d you stop? Don’t you want to get out of here?

Person 3/Mysterious Voice: You deserve to be here, you know.

Mysterious Voice: (singing and chanting) You deserve this. You killed all those people. You deserve this. You killed all those people. You deserve this. You killed all those people.

Scary screech noise/stinger/eating noises

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