48 hours. 1 story.
Starting Oct 14 @ 11:59 p.m. GMT.

You can create anything.
So long as it’s audio.
Also it has to be a story.
And you only have 48 hours.

…and here’s a few more rules.

The Rules.

This is 100% free.

Your mission is to make the best 7-21 minute story that you can within 48 hours.

At 11:59pm GMT on the Friday of the Fest,
all teams will be randomly assigned a genre,
and be given a sound effect (must be recognizable)
and line of dialogue (must be verbatim) they must use.

This is an inclusive event.
People from all backgrounds,
gender and sexual identities,
and beliefs are encouraged to participate
and tell the stories that they want to create.
As such,
sexism (including use of sexual violence or anything similar in a story),
bigotry, etc.,
is not welcome.

Transcripts for accessibility purposes are encouraged,
but not required due to the fast-paced nature of the Fest.
Note that a lack of transcripts may negatively impact engagement
with your entry due to the lack of accessibility, so could impact votes.
Transcripts will be accepted up to a week following submission.

You can have a join or start a team, or you can go it alone.
If you’re a Team Leader and need people for your team,
you can recruit other participants who are looking for a team.
If you aren’t on a team or would like to join additional teams,
you can register and say you’re looking to join a team.
Team Leaders can recruit you.

All participants must be 18+ and credited
as individuals on the team, not part of an existing body of work.

When encouraging people to vote, you must only promote the Fest, not any particular entry.
This is not a popularity contest.

Nobody can be paid,
this is 100% voluntary.

You retain the rights to your creation.
We just get the rights to use it, too.