Team Octopodes Ensemble

Actor: Rebecca Lynn Scott, Daisy McNamara, Vic Collins, David Ault,

Sound Design: Daniel N. Johnson, Daisy McNamara

Director: Rebecca Lynn Scott

Writer: Rebecca Lynn Scott, Vale

Composer: Triune Films

Producer: Rebecca Lynn Scott

SFX – Envato Elements

Music – Triune Films


Demon-hunting podcaster Larry is out to disrupt the summoning of the Great Cleanser by cult leader Candace. Candace’s Latinist friend Forest has other plans for the evening…


  • Horror-comedy
  • LGBTQIA+ – Creator
  • Marginalized Gender Identity – Creator
  • Disabled/Neurodivergent – Creator
  • Marginalized Gender Identity – Character


  • Pandemic humor
  • Mild physical violence
  • Discussion of cults
  • Stalking mention
  • SFX: wet squishy sounds
  • Occult Rituals
  • Apocalypse references
  • Profanity
  • Eldritch entity

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