John Smith and the Cost of the Hungry Blade

You Could Have Just Lied To Me! John Smith in... THE COST OF THE HUNGRY BLADE. a Phonic Fiction Fest production organised by Nathan Lunsford and Cole Weavers


Team Blimblam mumbo jumbo big boy

Actor: Alex Kingsley, Pippin Eira Major, Nigel McKeon, J. R. Steele

Sound Design: Pippin Eira Major

Director: Alex Kingsley

Writer: Alex Kingsley, Nigel McKeon, J. R. Steele

Composer: Jess Syratt

Producer: Pippin Eira Major


The Guardians of the Forest have sent an envoy to the human world. But they’ve found a new candidate to represent them — too bad he doesn’t believe in magic.


  • Horror-fantasy
  • LGBTQIA+ – Creator
  • Marginalized gender identity – Creator
  • Disabled/neurodivergent – Creator
  • LGBTQIA+ – Character
  • Disabled/neurodivergent – Character
  • Original Music
  • Original Art


  • Murder
  • Profanity
  • Implications of violence
  • Mild threat
  • Loss of autonomy
  • Rot/decay
  • Supernatural harm
  • SFX: Birds calling, eldritch voices whispering, vocal distortion

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