Clear Your Mind


Team SoulPod

Actor: Kevin Cox, Cheyenne Slack, Jessie Davis, Abby Mueller, Andrew Nixon

Sound Design: Kevin Cox

Director: Kevin Cox

Writer: Kevin Cox

Producer: Kevin Cox


A group of friends go skinny dipping one Halloween night, but something in the water takes control of their bodies instead, leading them to a cave with a dark secret.


  • Horror-fantasy
  • LGBTQIA+ – Creator
  • BIPOC – Creator
  • Marginalized Gender Identity – Creator
  • Disabled/neurodivergent – Creator
  • Marginalized Gender Identity – Character


  • Music used with license from Dark Fantasy Studios
  • SFX used with license from


  • Death
  • Profanity
  • Violence
  • Mention of nudity
  • Allusion to sex
  • Mention of blood and gore
  • Insects
  • Sounds of person being devoured
  • Brief body horror

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